How I Got A Polaroid Camera For Only Six Bus Tokens

This year, one of my New Years resolutions was to live more simply. I have gotten pretty good at not buying stuff as much, but I still have a lot of “things” cluttering up my apartment.

One night at work a customer had given me what I believed to have been a backhanded compliment about my basic hair, and had told me about an app for Torontonians where you can trade services and goods for other services and goods, but money is not allowed to be used.

A few nights later, feeling overwhelmed by my stuff, I decided to download the app and see what the heck this lady was talking about.

Ok so seriously… The lady gave this app no justice – it’s the bee’s knees.

The app is called BUNZ. It’s a community where you can trade your belongings, and meet up with others to make the trade. People literally trade everything and anything. Bus tokens, giftcards, and alcohol seem to be really popular things that are traded. I have noticed a lot of great brandnames and a lot of unopened product, and I have even seen services such as hairdressing and photography on there. Of course, there are some odd things listed as well, but overall a lot of great finds.

I decided to give it a go!

I had always wanted a Polaroid camera since I was little. They’re very nostalgic for me. My father had one, which of course I was not allowed to play with. I remember how magical is was to see the photo slowly appear on the white square. It was so hard to refrain from touching them before they finished developing, and I would often try to shake them and sometimes I would get my fingerprints all over them.

I came across a guy on BUNZ who was willing to meet up and trade his gently used Polaroid camera for 6 bus tokens. SIX!!! It sounded too good to be true, but it was worth a shot and I sent him a message telling him I was interested. After a little communication, we had agreed to meet up at Eglinton West station a couple days later.

Long story short, I met up with the guy and it was a completely amazing experience. He was a really cool person, was very responsive to all my questions and messages, and even explained to me how to use his camera. We made the trade, and I was on my way.

This is the only trade I have ever made on BUNZ, but it went swell. I have been meaning to use it more, but just haven’t really gotten around to it.

However, after writing this post, I feel inspired to go and list some things on there!

BUNZ isn’t only just for trading things… People have discussions, and they have also just recently added apartment & job listings on there too. I should mention that BUNZ isn’t only exclusive to Toronto only, it also exists in Hamilton, Vancouver, Montreal, and New York!

Although this app is super-duper nifty; if you do decide to check it out and give it a go, make sure you STAY SAFE!

You can find me on BUNZ with the username: @blurse

This is my “new” Polarioid camera! Yay!

March Goals: Self-Care


I love this photo because I can remember in that moment how relaxed I felt. Just lazing around, soaking up all the good vibes around me; The setting sun, sipping on delicious mushroom hot chocolate, and the cool breeze coming off the ocean.

I really regret not spending more time on self-care & love at home more often. It is SO important!

The month is almost half way done, but here are my goals for the rest of the month of March:

  1. Drink LOTS of water
  2. Wear my Fitbit every day & pay more attention to product labels
  3. Eat a pescetarian diet
  4. Put together a skin care routine
  5. Work on being confident

I have also thought about some longer-term goals; my list so far includes:

  1. Stop being lazy & procrastinating
  2. Join a gym
  3. Grow my hair long & health
  4. Start journaling again
  5. Watch YouTube tutorials & learn how to use makeup better
  6. Go back to school (not sure for what yet)
  7. Save up enough for breast implants
  8. Start a small container garden
  9. Have a killer wardrobe
  10. Live a little more minimally
  11. Start reading books
  12. find a hobby (I’ve really wanted to do sailing and sewing lessons)
  13. Spend time exploring Toronto – I take living in this beautiful city for granted

Photocred: Jillian Guyette from #FPescapes


Welcome To My Quarter-life Crisis

I believe I am officially having a quarter-life crisis… In almost a week, I will turn 24 years old. While I don’t know exactly what a quarter-life crisis entails, I am very sure this is it.

After a crazy rollercoaster of a year and a lot of self-reflection, I needed a vacation before I had a nervous breakdown. I treated myself to a vacation I really could not afford solely because I could not afford NOT to go on it.

This trip was a lot of firsts for me. It was a yoga retreat in Mexico, hosted by Free People & Yogascapes. Everything about it was fabulous. This trip was my first time travelling alone, and will stay in my heart forever. The vegan food was delicious. The boutique hotel, Pachamama Mexico, was stunning and the staff were amazing. The Free People staff put a lot of love into the planning of everything. The yoga teacher, Kate, was so inspiring, and the ladies from Skin/Food/Talk made me glow inside and out. And last but not least, I met a bunch of like-minded women who had amazing energy.

At the end of the trip I felt so inspired. I was ready to go home and implement all the amazing healthy lifestyle changes into my daily routine… I might have lasted just over a week before I was back to my bad habits.

I am really disappointed in myself for not keeping it up.

My life is not where I thought it was going to be 5 years ago, which is absolutely okay, but the question is, where do I go from here? I feel anxious, slightly depressed, and lost. I don’t really have my shit together, but then the other part of me recognizes that I need to live in the moment and that it ok to be unsure about. I think that I just put too many expectations on myself and let myself down.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself, but I am sitting here with a burger in hand eating because I’m bored, wondering whether I should take a nap? Or should I do something productive?

How did I get so lazy? It makes me cringe on the inside… It is time for a change.

That’s why I am writing this post today. I am okay with being a little lost and unsure of what I want to do with my life, but I am not okay with all my unhealthy habits! So, this blog will be dedicated to me learning to live a healthier, adventurous life.