March Goals: Self-Care


I love this photo because I can remember in that moment how relaxed I felt. Just lazing around, soaking up all the good vibes around me; The setting sun, sipping on delicious mushroom hot chocolate, and the cool breeze coming off the ocean.

I really regret not spending more time on self-care & love at home more often. It is SO important!

The month is almost half way done, but here are my goals for the rest of the month of March:

  1. Drink LOTS of water
  2. Wear my Fitbit every day & pay more attention to product labels
  3. Eat a pescetarian diet
  4. Put together a skin care routine
  5. Work on being confident

I have also thought about some longer-term goals; my list so far includes:

  1. Stop being lazy & procrastinating
  2. Join a gym
  3. Grow my hair long & health
  4. Start journaling again
  5. Watch YouTube tutorials & learn how to use makeup better
  6. Go back to school (not sure for what yet)
  7. Save up enough for breast implants
  8. Start a small container garden
  9. Have a killer wardrobe
  10. Live a little more minimally
  11. Start reading books
  12. find a hobby (I’ve really wanted to do sailing and sewing lessons)
  13. Spend time exploring Toronto – I take living in this beautiful city for granted

Photocred: Jillian Guyette from #FPescapes